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  • 4 Reasons Clean Web Content Matters

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    Your graphics may be stunning and your design flawless—but if you have poor-quality web copy riddled with typos and other errors, you’ll lose customers.

    When prospective clients stumble onto your site from a search engine, they have questions about a problem, need, or desire. If you provide them with answers using high-quality, clean, easy-to-read content, they’ll take action. However, uninformative, error-ridden copy will make clients click away.

    Creating high-quality web content should be a priority for your business. Below, we’ve listed four reasons clean web content is so crucial to the success of your site and marketing strategy.

    1. Clean content builds trust.

    Think of your site as a chance to introduce yourself. When you meet a prospective client, making a good first impression is crucial. Through your content, you tell visitors what makes your business unique and outline your services, products, and mission. Quality content will build credibility for your business and establish you as a trustworthy authority in your industry.

    2. Clean content affects SEO.

    Quality content is key to search engine optimization, since Google and other major engines value and reward original, error-free content. When users visit your site, search engines take note of how they interact with it and for how long. If your content is well written and informative, visitors will stay to read more. Search engines interpret this as a signal that your site provides visitors with a good user experience and will raise your ranking accordingly.

    3. Clean content promotes backlinks.

    Similarly, trusted sites and visitors will link back to you on their own websites and social media if the content is of good quality, with clearly structured sentences and no errors. In this way, good copywriting can help you build a bigger audience for your content.

    4. Clean content encourages repeat visits.

    If your site offers informative and engaging content that presents you as an expert in your field, visitors are more likely to consult you in the future. On the other hand, poorly written copy will negatively affect their perception of your site and your business.

    Don’t let errors cost you valuable customers and hurt your search engine rankings. To have our team of industry-leading proofreaders and editors review your site to ensure its content presents your business in the best possible light, get a website proofreading quote today.

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