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  • 5 Tips on Improving Customer Service for Your Global Business

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    Delivering exceptional customer service to a global audience can be tricky. You have the opportunity to engage with clients and employees from many different cultural backgrounds—but, when working with such a diverse group, the potential for misinterpretation, confusion, alienation, and even accidental insult is high.

    However, you can avoid misunderstandings and errors by taking a thoughtful approach to customer service and implementing a smart training strategy. To improve customer service for your global business, check out the five tips below.

    1. Think local.

    To develop a global customer service strategy, consider where your customers are located. Research your target regions and, if you can, travel there to spend some time learning about the market, meeting customers, and taking a hands-on approach to local staff training. Customers and employees in one market may have different needs than customers and employees in another. Think locally about each of your target regions to determine how to create solutions that will best serve those new markets.

    2. Connect with your global customer service staff.

    Your international employees can provide valuable insight into the cultures of your customers. When training your staff, ask employees to share their business experiences, opinions on local trends, and knowledge of government regulations. Conduct discussions where employees share ideas on problems they anticipate encountering and pose potential solutions.

    3. Speak slowly, clearly, and in plain English.

    Whether you’re training your staff or speaking with clients, it’s important to make yourself understood—even when a translator is present. Remember that certain phrases, such as “thick as thieves” and “ahead of the curve,” don’t translate well into other languages, and translators will struggle to keep up with presentations that are delivered too quickly.

    4. Hold true to your business values.

    Although you should encourage a global culture in your business, it’s important to clearly identify and remain true to your values. Be sure that customers and employees understand and feel connected with your company’s mission no matter where they are.

    5. Triple check your translated material for errors.

    When translating your global business website, customer service emails, handouts, and staff training workbooks into different languages, it’s incredibly important that you check the wording several times. Be sure to use a professional translation service from a company familiar with your industry—and never use machine translation, such as Google Translate.

    The highly qualified translators at have experience with a comprehensive array of industries and more than 35 languages. We look forward to helping you improve customer service for your global business, so contact us today to learn more.

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