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  • The Ultimate Guide to Tools for Jobseekers

    65+ Tools to Amplify Your Job Search offers comprehensive packages for jobseekers at any stages of their careers. To help with the job search, we've collected a list of online resources focusing on every step of the process, from matching your skills to a rewarding career to preparing a compelling resume. We've divided the list into four categories:

    1. Skills Assessment and Career Exploration
    2. Resume and Cover Letter Creation
    3. Personal Branding
    4. Applications and Interview Prep

    Skills Assessment and Career Exploration

    These sites help jobseekers explore their skills and interests and discover how these qualities fit into a number of careers.
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    Brainbench offers hundreds of tests to help users pinpoint their skills and receive certifications relevant to their industries.


    CanadaOne offers an emotional intelligence quiz to shed light on jobseekers' abilities to communicate with others and demonstrate self-awareness in the workplace.

    Career Key

    The Career Key offers a test that matches jobseekers with the jobs that best fit their personalities.


    CEB offers practice tests for several employment assessment categories, including verbal reasoning, situational judgment, calculation, and others.

    Essential Skills Portfolio

    The Essential Skills Portfolio is a personal career development tool to help jobseekers track their essential skills. It allows them to record skill strengths and identify areas for further improvement. It is intended to be reviewed and updated regularly.


    Good.Co uses scientific quizzes to uncover jobseekers' personality traits and match them with prospective careers.

    HERC Dual Career Search

    HERC's dual career search helps jobseekers who are looking to relocate or find a job within commuting distance of a partner.

    Jung Typology Test

    The Jung Typology Test offers a typological approach to personality, helping jobseekers learn about their communication and learning styles.

    Keirsey Temperament Sorter

    The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is a powerful personality instrument that helps individuals discover their personality types and make career decisions.


    Launchpad provides profiling quizzes that identify jobseekers' personal skills and match them with various career options.

    LiveCareer Career Test

    LiveCareer offers a career aptitude test to help jobseekers make better career decisions, target the right companies, and pursue further education as needed.

    Manitoba Career Development

    The Manitoba website offers a career development exercise to help jobseekers explore options and plan for a lifelong career. 

    My Next Move

    My Next Move allows jobseekers to search for careers using keywords and provides information on necessary skills and qualifications for each result.

    O*NET Ability Profiler

    The O*NET Ability Profiler is a career exploration tool that helps jobseekers plan their work lives. It uses a pen and paper format with optional apparatuses and computerized scoring.

    O*NET Interest Profiler

    The O*NET Interest Profiler helps jobseekers find out what their interests are and how they relate to the world of work, giving examples of careers to explore.

    O*NET Work Importance Profiler

    The O*NET Work Importance Profiler helps jobseekers focus on what's important to them in a job. It helps people identify occupations they may find satisfying based on similarities between their work values and characteristics of the occupations. A pen and paper version is also available.

    Princeton Review Career Quiz

    The Princeton Review Career Quiz provides a general description of jobseekers' interests and most effective working styles and lists some jobs that may match.

    Quintessential Careers

    Quintessential Careers offers an employability skills assessment through which jobseekers can learn more about their soft skills.

    Serious Job Seeker App

    The Serious Job Seeker app provides self-assessment tools that pinpoint jobseekers' skills and goals, helping them develop a career plan and organize a proactive job search.

    The Job Seeker's Toolkit

    The Job Seeker's Toolkit is a free online course that helps those who are blind or visually impaired develop self-awareness, explore careers and preliminary employment processes, prepare for interviews, and maintain employment.

    University of Minnesota

    The University of Minnesota skills inventory is a simple exercise to help jobseekers identify strengths and areas for improvement.

    WorkBC Career Compass

    Career Compass offers several quizzes for jobseekers to discover their abilities, work preferences, and strongest subjects.

    Resume writing

    Resume and Cover Letter Creation

    The resources below offer design templates and expert advice to help jobseekers highlight their unique skills and experience through effective resumes and cover letters.
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    ConnectCV offers a CV and portfolio builder with multiple sharing options.


    Creddle offers several free tools to help jobseekers build, customize, link to, embed, export, and print unique resumes.

    CV Builder

    The UK National Careers Service offers the CV Builder, which helps jobseekers create CVs step by step and provides advice on formatting and styles to best showcase applicants' strengths.


    cvmaker provides templates for easy creation of professionally formatted resumes.


    DoYouBuzz is an app that helps jobseekers create resumes in web, PDF, and mobile formats in minutes with dozens of resume templates. is a simple web tool for creating and sharing infographic resumes.

    How to Write a Resume

    How to Write a Resume's resume building tool lets users create automatically formatted resumes simply by inputting personal info. provides step-by-step resume and cover letter templates and offers guidance on choosing a resume format and standing out from other applicants.


    Kickresume offers templates and formatting options to help jobseekers create resumes and cover letters easily.


    Kinzaa helps jobseekers create visually unique resumes that incorporate infographics.

    LiveCareer Cover Letter Builder

    LiveCareer's cover letter builder provides job-specific templates, thousands of sample text phrases, and multiple formats for jobseekers to create and download custom cover letters.

    LiveCareer Resume Builder

    LiveCareer's resume builder features hundreds of templates and professional designs for all jobs and industries. It also includes sample phrases written by experts, plus helpful tips and advice to make a resume stand out.


    MyFuture provides a resume builder, examples of proper resumes, and a breakdown of what should go into this important document. offers resume templates and prewritten examples of skills to help jobseekers create customized resumes quickly.


    Pongo's step-by-step resume builder provides numerous templates as well as tips and sample phrases to help with writing. Users can print, email, download, and fax their resumes from their accounts.


    Purzue offers a clean resume creation interface as well as the option to import material from a LinkedIn profile. It allows users to share resumes in several formats free of charge.

    Quintissential Careers

    Quintissential Careers offers a set of quizzes to help jobseekers develop their resume knowledge and test the strength of their current resumes. allows the simple and fast creation of original and compelling visual resumes combining widgets, themes, and personalized settings.

    ReadWriteThink Resume Generator

    The ReadWriteThink resume generator is an interactive online tool that guides young jobseekers through the creation of a resume using written and audio tips.


    Represent offers jobseekers tools to create professionally designed resumes with the option to export to PDF. It also delivers job recommendations.

    Resume Builder

    Resume Builder offers formatting tools and templates to help jobseekers create resumes and cover letters suiting any industry.

    Resume Designer Pro

    Resume Designer Pro is a mobile app that allows users to build a resume in minutes from professional templates. Users can print resumes or send them directly from the app.

    Resume Help

    Resume Help's cover letter builder guides jobseekers through the process of creating a cover letter by posing a few questions to create a user profile. Then it walks the user step by step through the process of crafting a professional letter to accompany resume submissions. offers an online platform where jobseekers can build, manage, and share multiple resume versions. offers a simple resume builder with multiple options for sharing on social media. It also gives users statistics on how many times their resumes have been viewed.

    ResumeGrabber SF

    ResumeGrabber SF is a resume sourcing tool to find resumes through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Jobseekers can use it to compare their resumes to others in their fields.


    Resumonk provides templates for jobseekers to create beautiful and professional resumes in minutes.


    ResumUP offers several templates to help jobseekers create visually appealing interactive resumes.


    Resunate is a web app that allows users to build resumes and automatically evaluate and improve them for every job.

    Serious Job Seeker Resume Builder

    Using the Serious Resume Builder, jobseekers fill in their personal information and choose a resume style after completing a set of exercises. The tool offers the option to export resumes to Word for final editing.


    SmartJobBoard offers jobseekers tools to build resumes online by filling out a simple web form, which includes an autosuggest feature.

    Standard Resume

    Standard Resume allows users to create and share beautiful resumes that can be viewed on a mobile or desktop browser and downloaded as PDFs.

    The Pain-Free Cover Letter Builder

    The Pain-Free Cover Letter Builder is a workbook on creating effective cover letters that showcase jobseekers' skills and qualifications.


    VisualCV provides tools for jobseekers to easily create professional resumes, online portfolios, and personal landing pages. helps users create infographic resumes using various themes and templates.

    Resume writing

    Personal Branding

    A compelling web presence is key to any job search. The resources below help jobseekers ensure they convey a professional image to potential employers.
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    360°Reach is a personal brand assessment tool that provides critical feedback on jobseekers' emotional attributes, strengths, and weaknesses as perceived by others. offers jobseekers tools to easily create a personal web presence and showcase a portfolio of work.


    CamCard allows users to scan, manage, sync, and exchange business cards.

    Google Alerts

    Google Alerts is a tool that allows jobseekers to monitor their online presence and personal branding via alerts whenever their names appear online.


    Krop offers tools to build an online creative portfolio website without the need for coding or hosting. It also provides a resume builder and the opportunity to be included in a private talent database viewed by prospective employers.


    LinkedIn offers jobseekers the ability to create online profiles showcasing their skills and experience, network with other professionals, and apply to jobs in their fields.

    Talkwalker Alerts

    Talkwalker Alerts provides email updates whenever a certain topic is mentioned on the web. Jobseekers can use it to manage their online presence or keep up to date with developments in their fields.


    Vitae is an online career hub for academics. It offers a free dossier service to manage job searches easily as well as a community where jobseekers can network with colleagues.

    Resume writing

    Applications and Interview Prep

    These resources provide tools to help jobseekers keep track of their applications, discover job openings in their fields, and prepare for interviews and salary negotiations.
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    Big Interview

    Big Interview offers a combination of video tutorials and virtual practice software to help jobseekers prepare for interviews.

    My Interview Simulator

    My Interview Simulator is an online mock interview tool that includes dozens of questions to help jobseekers practice.


    PayScale offers tools to help jobseekers discover their worth in the job market. It also offers information on salary negotiation and work equity solutions.


    RoboForm allows jobseekers to automatically log in to various job sites and fill out multiple job applications.

    Salary Site

    Salary Site offers salary information for various fields. It also provides cost of living calculators for several US cities and tips on salary negotiation.

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