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Bulgaria’s economy has been on the rise since its induction into the European Union in 2007. The nation’s economy is diversifying quickly, with more and more foreign companies jumping on the expanding market and Bulgaria-based enterprises pushing their goods and services outward. Younger Bulgarians are increasingly proficient in English, but nonetheless, only about 25% of the population reports some knowledge of English as of 2011. To conduct business, undertake research, or spread a message in Bulgaria, Bulgarian translation services are indispensable, and if you’re a Bulgarian speaker who wants to expand into the wider world, a professional translation service to help you transform your content from Bulgarian to English is a must.

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Bulgarian Translation Experts Here to Serve You

As a South Slavic language, Bulgarian shares features with languages like Serbian, Croatian, and Slovenian. Unlike its cousins, however, Bulgarian is famous for being one of the only Slavic languages with definite articles, which somewhat facilitates translation. Regardless, with a complex case system, three genders, and a high degree of inflection, Bulgarian remains a tricky language for English speakers, compounded by its use of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Luckily, the Bulgarian translation team at Proofreading Services has the right expertise to deliver top-quality translations both into and out of Bulgarian. We’ve been serving in the Bulgarian translation sphere for years, so we’re seasoned experts in translating between English and Bulgarian. If you’re looking to reach a new audience of 8 million in the Balkans, we can help—and if you’re hoping to expand your readership to 2 billion English speakers, we can help with that, too.

Our Bulgarian Translation Services Are Wide-Ranging

  • Tourism documents. Bulgaria has long been an overlooked tourist destination, but savvy travelers are starting to pick up on what they’ve been missing. With more and more tourists flocking to the country, Bulgarian travel agencies and hotels require high-quality translations of their Bulgarian materials to cater to their largely English-speaking clientele, and our translation team would be thrilled to help.
  • Business materials. It’s our pleasure to help companies break into the lucrative market Bulgaria offers, as well as assist Bulgarian businesses with their international expansion. Whether you require translations of your business plan, marketing materials, company website, or anything else, you can count on us for Bulgarian business translations.
  • Academic content. Students and researchers at prestigious Bulgarian universities, such as Sofia University or the Technical University of Sofia, develop groundbreaking research, but without translation from Bulgarian, they can’t share it with the world. At the same time, scholars performing research in Bulgaria require Bulgarian translation services to communicate with their participants. In either case, our Bulgarian translation team stands ready to assist.
  • Legal texts. Thanks to our partner firm, we’re pleased to offer translations to and from Bulgarian for a wide range of legal texts, such as contracts, financial statements, wills and trusts, and more. With in-depth knowledge of specialized terms in both Bulgarian and English, our partner’s translators are true experts in Bulgarian legal translation.

Whether it’s helping Bulgarian speakers spread their message abroad or helping English speakers connect with a new Bulgarian audience, high-quality Bulgarian translation services are our passion at ProofreadingServices.com. We work hard to ensure the utmost accuracy in all our Bulgarian translations, and we manage our time carefully to ensure we always deliver your translation on time. With a range of turnaround times to choose from, you can always be sure your Bulgarian translation project will run smoothly.

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