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A largely overlooked country in the heart of Europe is Slovenia. This small nation at the edge of the Baltic region boasts an advanced, highly developed economy and a very high score on the human development index. It was the first country to split from Yugoslavia and become an independent country, growing its economy and quality of life significantly. In terms of development, Slovenia is on par with many Western European countries, leading the world as it continues to move forward.

Considering Slovenia’s wealth and economic growth, more and more Slovene companies have been moving outward and marketing their products and services to the world. Of course, the reverse is also true, with increasingly more foreign businesses setting up operations in the highly underrated nation of Slovenia. For either of these scenarios, top-level Slovenian translation services are necessary: you need English to reach a global audience, but you need Slovenian to specifically target a Slovene audience. The solution:’s Slovenian translators.

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The Best Slovenian Translators on the Web

Slovenian, sometimes called Slovene, is a South Slavic language, alongside Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian. Like all Slavic languages, it is morphologically complex, marking seven cases and three genders on all nouns and accompanying adjectives. Slovenian further distinguishes between animate and inanimate objects, but only for the masculine singular. Then there are the verbs: Slovenian conjugates verbs for three persons and three numbers (singular, dual, and plural). Verbs further decline according to four tenses, three moods, and two voices. And of course, like in all Slavic languages, Slovenian verbs are divided between “perfective” verbs and “imperfective” verbs, which denote the completeness of an action.

One aspect that differentiates Slovenian somewhat from its Slavic cousins—and that makes Slovenian translation extremely tricky—is its large array of dialects. Depending on how one counts, Slovenian could have anywhere from eight to 50 distinct dialects, with speakers switching to Standard Slovenian to communicate with those from other regions. Our Slovenian translators are familiar with the various dialects and are dedicated to high-quality Slovenian translations no matter the dialect.

Slovenian Translation Services of All Kinds

  • Corporate translation: Businesses that want to take advantage of Slovenia’s strong economy require Slovenian-language materials to engage their new audience. At the same time, Slovenian businesses need English-language material if they intend to grow their operations outside of Slovenia. Our Slovenian translators have years of experience carefully crafting Slovenian business translations in either direction.
  • Touristic translation: An underrated tourist destination, Slovenia has been attracting more and more tourists to explore its beautiful sites, such as Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, and Postojna Cave. Most of Slovenia’s foreign visitors don’t speak the local language, however, which creates the need for tourism collateral in English. Our Slovenian translators can help hotels, travel agencies, and others translate their websites, advertisements, brochures, and more into natural-sounding English.
  • Digital translation: The Internet is an important aspect of daily Slovenian life, but unfortunately, digital content in Slovenian is not all that common. Our Slovenian translators can help change that in a win–win for Slovenian speakers and foreign clients: Slovenian speakers get more content to enjoy in their own language, and you get to tap into a largely untapped niche market.

With round-the-clock availability, our Slovenian translators are ready to take on your Slovenian translation project, whether you’re in Ljubljana, Gorica, Auckland, or Santiago. Our turnaround times are also flexible—you can choose the turnaround that works for you, and our translators will endeavor to produce a high-quality Slovenian translation before your deadline. With translation services available to all sorts of clients, made possible by our highly diverse Slovenian translation team, what are you waiting for?

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