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With close to 7 million inhabitants, Serbia is a fair-sized country in the heart of the Balkan region. The country’s GDP has skyrocketed since the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the emergence of the Serbian state, and it continues to climb. Serbians enjoy an increasingly higher standard of living, and more and more Serbian companies are starting to step out into the global market. Simultaneously, ever more foreign companies are recognizing Serbia as a lucrative potential market.

Anyone who wants to enter the Serbian market—or break out of it—requires high-quality Serbian translation services. With speakers across Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as around the world in various Serbian-speaking communities, Serbian boasts around 12 million speakers. To help you reach a Serbian-speaking population or expand to the global English-speaking population, ProofreadingServices.com’s Serbian translators are standing by.

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Only Trust the Best for Serbian Translation Services

The classification of Serbian can be tricky, with some considering it a dialect of the pluricentric language Serbo-Croatian. Serbian is the standardized version of this language used in Serbia, but most Serbians see it as a fully independent language. Like most Slavic languages, Serbian exhibits a high level of morphological inflection, with nouns and adjectives declining for gender, number, and case. With three genders and seven cases, this results in an abundance of inflectional possibilities. Additionally, with so much grammatical information expressed through case markings, Serbian has largely free word order. Translators must pay close attention to word order, as it changes the nuance of a sentence.

Serbian verbs are also complex. With seven, Serbian has more tenses than most Slavic languages, although two of them are rarely used anymore in colloquial speech. Aspect is a major feature in Serbian as well, with separate perfective and imperfective versions of most verbs instead of verbal inflection. A unique characteristic of Serbian is its digraphia—its equal use of both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. The alphabets can be used interchangeably, with each writer or publisher choosing one freely. This complicates translation, but our Serbian translators can deal with both scripts and help you determine the most suitable one for your purposes.

Serbian Translation Is Our Specialty—No Matter the Type of Document

  • Corporate material. Companies always have to look forward and work to expand their operations to new markets. If Serbia is your target for a new market, our Serbian translators would be thrilled to help you translate your product labels, promotional documents, and user manuals into flowing Serbian. If you’re a Serbian business aiming to conquer the world market, we’ll help you translate from Serbian to English.
  • Scholarly material. Academic findings are meant to be shared for the betterment of the whole world. If you’re a Serbian scholar with a dissertation or research papers in Serbian, our translators can help you communicate your ideas in English with the same precision. If you’re a researcher from elsewhere, our Serbian translators can help you connect with Serbian peers or communicate with Serbian-speaking research participants.
  • Digital material. As the importance of the Internet continues to grow, the need for Serbian-language digital material similarly increases. Even though most of Serbia uses the Internet, not many websites, blogs, programs, games, or apps are in Serbian. That means if you hire our Serbian translation experts to translate your digital content into Serbian, you’re entering an eager and largely untapped market.

Serbian speakers from Belgrade, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Niš, and beyond can order translation services from us, as can non-Serbian speakers from Vancouver, Miami, Wellington, or Seoul. We work around the clock to deliver high-quality Serbian translations by the deadline you determine, accommodating your specific needs to create a translation that works for you. If you’re translating into Serbian, you can also choose whether to use the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet, or let our translators use their expert judgment to decide which is better.

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