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The official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian is an important language in the Balkans. Montenegro has also given the language official status, alongside its national language of Montenegrin, and swaths of Bosnian speakers can also be found in Serbia, Kosovo, and North Macedonia. With an estimated 3 million speakers, Bosnian is a sizeable language in Eastern Europe, and with growing economies, Bosnian-speaking regions are poised to gain importance on the world stage.

This means a high-quality Bosnian translation service is necessary for anyone who wishes to break into the region or reach Bosnian speakers with their message. Likewise, Bosnians hoping to move beyond the Balkans require the services of practiced Bosnian translation professionals to expertly render their message in English. For either service, is here to help.

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Leave Bosnian Translation to the Pros

As a South Slavic language, Bosnian is somewhat similar to languages like Bulgarian and Macedonian, but it’s particularly close to Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian. In fact, some linguists consider these four languages to be dialects of a single pluricentric language known as Serbo-Croatian. Mutual intelligibility is indeed high among the languages, but each has its own distinct flavor, and Bosniaks identify most closely with Bosnian.

Therefore, if you’re hoping to leave an impression on a Bosniak population, translating into Bosnian is the wisest option, as this will engage your audience better than a translation into another Serbo-Croatian variant. Bosnian speakers looking to spread their message around the world should, conversely, translate into English, choosing either international English or the specific dialect of a certain country or region. The translation team at can help with either endeavor by leveraging our years of Bosnian translation experience.

A Small Sample of the Documents We Translate to and from Bosnian:

  • Documents of a legal nature. Whether it’s a contract, privacy policy, letter of intent, or anything else, you can count on our legal translation partner, who specializes in legal Bosnian translation. Whether it’s translation into or out of Bosnian, we’re confident in our partner’s ability to help you.
  • Documents for the tourism industry. Bosnia is a beautiful country, and more and more tourists have been picking up on this. To cater to the tourists that frequent the region, translation into English, the de facto universal language, is a must. Our translation professionals can help hotels, travel agencies, and more with their Bosnian translation needs.
  • Documents related to academia. Countless Bosnian academics and scholars have made important breakthroughs in their research but cannot share their findings without a high-quality translation of their Bosnian paper. On the flip side, many researchers working in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other regions in the Balkans require Bosnian translations of their questionnaires to further their research. For either application, our translation experts can help.
  • Websites and digital content. As the internet becomes more and more important in daily life, it’s important to share your message in the language of the audience you wish to engage. If you want to reach Bosniaks, a professional Bosnian translation service is the only choice. If you’re aiming for an international audience, translating from Bosnian to English is imperative. We can do either.

Whether you want to translate your content into or from Bosnian, you can count on’s experienced translation team to produce a high-quality translation. We’ve worked with clients in Sarajevo, Podgorica, Banja Luka, and all sorts of other locations, helping them spread their message across the Bosnian-speaking world and the entire globe.

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