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Why not break into Macedonia, also known as North Macedonia? Often overlooked, this Balkan country houses a population of more than 2 million, with an economy that has grown steadily throughout the 21st century after a tumultuous 20th century. Various ethnic groups inhabit the land, but ethnic Macedonians make up the majority, with the Macedonian language uniting the country. Two and a half million people speak Macedonian worldwide, including Macedonians living abroad.

Macedonia is a great destination to expand your business, conduct research, or market your creative work to—but you’ll need top-quality Macedonian translation services to really cater to the market. Simultaneously, Macedonian businesses, academics, and artists should dream big, with international aspirations—but breaking onto the global stage requires translation into English. For either case, you can trust’s experienced Macedonian translation team.

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For Macedonian Translation Services, Trust the Foremost Experts

Macedonian is a South Slavic language that enjoys a large amount of mutual intelligibility with Bulgarian and varieties of Serbo-Croatian. This also makes it more distantly related to languages like Russian, Polish, and Czech. But Macedonian is a fairly unique Slavic language, having lost the complex case system that Slavic languages are usually notorious for. Macedonian also features definite articles—again unusual for a Slavic language—which are appended to the end of nouns as suffixes, varying based on gender and proximity.

Macedonian verbs may be the most complicated aspect of the language—Macedonian linguists classify verbs as having several categories, including tense, mood, person, voice, transitiveness, and gender. Macedonian features more tenses than typical Slavic languages as well, with a dedicated “future in the past” tense. Additionally, the language is written in a modified version of the Cyrillic alphabet, which can strengthen the language barrier between Macedonian and English. But our Macedonian translators are here to break down this language barrier—our years of experience allow us to craft meticulous and high-quality Macedonian translations every time.

Enjoy High-Quality Macedonian Translations for the Following Documents and More:

  • Business content. Whether you’re making your debut in the Macedonian market or expanding your native Macedonian company abroad, Macedonian translation services are paramount. Our business translators can translate a wide range of business materials, from business plans and financial reports to press releases and marketing content, to support your corporate expansion into or out of Macedonia.
  • Digital content. Most Macedonians use the Internet, but the lack of Macedonian-language content in the digital sphere leaves much to be improved about their online experience. From retail websites and blogs to software, apps, and games, translating your digital content into Macedonian can open up a whole new budding market with low competition.
  • Touristic content. The Balkans are growing increasingly popular as a tourist destination, and with attractions like Mavrovo National Park and Lake Ohrid, Macedonia is claiming its fair share of tourists. Of course, most foreign visitors to Macedonia don’t speak Macedonian, making professional Macedonian-to-English translation services a must to cater to these guests.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Skopje, Kumanovo, Bitola, or anywhere else, because our Macedonian translation team works around the clock for clients based anywhere in the world. We only use human translators, never machine translators, because we value quality, and we take special care to accommodate any special requests you may have. This includes the deadline—whatever turnaround time you choose, we’ll work hard to deliver your Macedonian translation by the deadline, without ever sacrificing quality.

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