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Croatia has been in the European Union since 2013, and its special position within the European supranational body has contributed to its rapidly expanding economy ever since. It’s also become a top tourist destination for worldwide travelers, with its crystal-clear waters famous around the world. This has made Croatia a popular country for business expansion, and more and more Croatian companies have been making a name for themselves on the international stage.

For both scenarios, high-quality Croatian translation services are key. Here at ProofreadingServices.com, we promise the best in Croatian translation services—whether it’s Croatian to English or English to Croatian, you can trust our translation experts.

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As a South Slavic language, Croatian shares many commonalities with the languages in the surrounding area, including Bulgarian, Slovene, and Macedonian. Its closest relatives, however, are Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin, which collectively form the pluricentric language of Serbo-Croatian. However, most Croatians maintain that Croatian is a distinct language, and it exhibits numerous differences from these other languages. Croatians are proud of their unique tongue, so any material targeting this audience should be professionally translated into Croatian.

Multilingualism is common in Croatia, and many Croatians have a strong handle on languages like English or German. However, the importance of professional Croatian services—whether for translation into or out of Croatian—cannot be understated. To truly connect with your target audience, whether they’re in Croatia or all around the world, it’s worth investing in high-quality translation services.

Our Croatian Translation Scope Is Wide

  • Business documents. With Croatia’s rapidly expanding economy, companies around the world are looking to get in on the action, and Croatian companies are eager to expand their business abroad. Regardless of which side your company is on, our Croatian translation experts are prepared to help translate your business materials.
  • Websites. The internet is an important part of daily life in Croatia, and Croatians prefer to visit websites and read web content in their native language. That’s why it’s important to translate your e-commerce website, informational website, or blog into Croatian. At the same time, Croatian speakers should have their materials translated into English for maximum reach.
  • Tourism collateral. As more and more travelers catch wind of what Croatia has to offer as a tourist destination, Croatia welcomes an increasing number of international guests. Hotels, travel agencies, tour companies, and more need to be prepared to communicate with their customers in English, and we can assist with the translation of those Croatian-language documents.
  • Legal content. Most translation agencies aren’t equipped to deal with legal translation, but we’ve partnered with a high-end legal translation firm to ensure we can bring you the best in Croatian legal translation services. So, whether you need a contract, grant, agreement, patent, or anything else translated to or from Croatian, contact us, and we’ll set you up with our partner.

From Zagreb to Dubrovnik to Rijeka to Split, our translation team is here to provide top-notch Croatian translation services to any client in the world. With us, you can rest assured you’re getting high-quality Croatian translations—whether to or from the South Slavic language—with guaranteed on-time delivery by the deadline you specify. When you work with us for Croatian translations, you work with the best.

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