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Many people think of South America as speaking Spanish or Portuguese exclusively—but this misconception completely ignores the various indigenous languages spoken by sizeable portions of South Americans. One such example is Kichwa, a Quechuan language spoken in parts of Northern Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia by close to 500,000 speakers, a figure that has been growing. Kichwa speakers are proud of their native language and respond positively to companies and individuals who invest in their language through professional Kichwa translation services.

As Kichwa and other Quechuan languages grow in prominence and prosperity, catering to these populations becomes all the more important. Translating only into Spanish alienates this population, while hiring experienced Kichwa translators embraces them and allows you to build up a Kichwa readership base, whether you’re a business, scholar, writer, or anyone else. That’s what’s Kichwa translation team is here for.

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Professional Kichwa Translation Services Matter

As a Quechuan language, Kichwa is nothing like English or Spanish. An agglutinative language, Kichwa forms words by appending affixes together, which can result in long and grammatically dense vocabulary. Kichwa is unique in a number of ways—for example, verbs inflect to agree with both the agent and the patient, and evidentiality markers indicate whether the speaker learned the information they are communicating by seeing or experiencing it, by inferring it, or by hearing it from someone else.

Kichwa pronouns also differ from those of most European languages—Kichwa has two different words for “we,” depending on whether the listener is included, in a concept called clusivity. But since Kichwa doesn’t use different pronouns depending on the formality, its pronoun system may also be considered simpler than Spanish’s. In either case, Kichwa is not an easy language to translate—but our Kichwa translation experts know exactly how to produce top-quality Kichwa translations, and they do so with pride.

Kichwa Translation Services for All Types of Documents

  • Historical documents. Kichwa boasts a rich history, with Quechuan languages having been the dominant languages in the Inca Empire. However, even today, many Kichwa-language documents have only been translated into Spanish. Our Kichwa translation experts can translate Kichwa-language historical documents into English for historians, academics, and governments.
  • Business documents. If you’re expanding your business into Northern Peru, Ecuador, or Colombia, don’t neglect the Kichwa-speaking population. Translating your business plans, product labels, brochures, promotional documents, and more into Kichwa will garner a loyal clientele that appreciates your investment in their language. If your business is already Kichwa-speaking and you’d like to take it abroad, we can help with that, too.
  • Literature. The Kichwa people, with their long, rich history, boast a plethora of stories to tell. Our literary Kichwa translators are proud to help Kichwa speakers spread their stories, whether traditional or contemporary, to the wider world through Kichwa translation services. Equally, we can translate international works of literature into Kichwa.
  • Digital content. The amount of digital content available in Kichwa is low, even as more and more Kichwa speakers access the web. This means you can easily stand out if you translate your program, website, app, or game into Kichwa, gaining more and more users as the number of Kichwa speakers online grows.

Whether you’re in Chimbote, Casma, Huaraz, or anywhere else, our Kichwa translators stand ready to assist you. We’re concerned about the vitality of minority languages in South America, including Kichwa, so we work hard to produce top-quality Kichwa translations for all sorts of documents. We take your individual needs into consideration, adapting our work to best fit your project. The deadline is entirely up to you, too. Rush job? No problem—we can handle it.

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