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If you’re targeting the people of Madagascar for your message, professional and reliable Malagasy translation services are indispensable. Over 25 million people in Madagascar speak this unique Austronesian language, and while the island does generally use French in official and administrative settings, Malagasy is the language of their hearts. So, if you really want to make an impression on a Malagasy audience, French isn’t going to cut it.

Similarly, while many Malagasy people may speak French, the de facto universal lingua franca is English. So, Malagasy businesspeople, academics, artists, and others hoping to branch off their Indian Ocean island and jump onto the international stage require professional translation of their Malagasy (or French) texts into English. The solution is’s Malagasy translation team. No matter which direction you need, our translators are here to help.

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Experts in Malagasy and Translation

Malagasy stands out in the linguistic world—while Austronesian languages are usually found in the island nations of Southeast Asia (such as Indonesian or Tagalog) and the Pacific Ocean (such as Hawaiian or Maori), it has settled on the East African island of Madagascar. Due to its geographical location, it has also sustained some degree of influence from nearby Bantu languages.

Malagasy uses a verb-object-subject word order, the fourth-most common word order but nonetheless only accounting for 3% of the world’s languages. Adjectives and modifiers come after the noun, like in French, and demonstrative determiners, like “this,” are repeated before and after the noun. Indeed, demonstratives may be the most difficult aspect of Malagasy, with plurality being marked by pronouns and demonstratives rather than nouns themselves. Going further, unlike English, which only has two distance distinctions—“here” and “there”—Malagasy has seven, with a further “visual” vs. “non-visual” evidentiality distinction for each.

Then there’s the Malagasy verb system—whereas English only has the active and passive voices, Malagasy includes a third “goal focus” voice to emphasize the manner in which an action is completed. This and the many other complications of Malagasy mean translators must pay close attention to their work to ensure high-quality, accurate translations that capture the meaning of the original. However, with Malagasy translation experts like ours, that’s no problem.

What Do You Need Translated to or from Malagasy?

Malagasy translation is our specialty—for any number of documents. Our skilled translators can help you with any of the following and more:

  • Touristic documents. Madagascar, with its famous baobab trees, beautiful beaches, and unique blend of Austronesian and African culture, is increasingly becoming a tourist hotspot. Our Malagasy translators help hotels, tourist agencies, and other touristic businesses translate their customer-facing materials into natural-sounding English to professionally cater to foreign guests.
  • Novels and other literary works. We believe good stories should be shared with the world and that everyone should have access to high-quality art in their native language. That’s why our literary Malagasy translators are equally passionate about translating Malagasy works into English to spread internationally as they are about translating foreign works into Malagasy for the enjoyment of the Malagasy people.
  • Business content. If Madagascar is on your radar for business expansion, translating your content into Malagasy is the best way to capture this market. Our business translators can translate everything from business plans to product descriptions to press releases to help you cultivate a Malagasy customer base. Malagasy companies can equally take advantage of our translation prowess for Malagasy-to-English translation, allowing them to gain a foothold in the international market.
  • Digital material. Madagascar may not boast a huge Internet penetration rate currently, but it’s rapidly growing. This is the perfect opportunity to translate your digital content—be it a website, blog, program, app, or game—into Malagasy. As more and more Malagasy speakers come online, they’ll easily find your content amidst the scarcity of Malagasy-language content online.

Malagasy translation services are our passion, whether for clients from Antananarivo, Antsirabe, or Toamasina. Quality and care encompass our translation work, which is uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs. Timely delivery is also guaranteed every time.

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