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Malta is Europe’s Mediterranean getaway, nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The country thrives on tourism, welcoming visitors from all around the world and developing an advanced economy with a high standard of living. Malta has steadily grown its GDP over the past several decades, continuously striving for a stronger economy and better life for its people. This is what makes Malta such a prime destination for businesses or content creators looking to take their activities to a new territory.

The Maltese population is fairly multilingual—the vast majority speak Maltese as a native language, but many can also speak English and Italian, with a small portion also speaking French. But if you truly want to cater to the Maltese people, translating your content into Maltese is the only solution. This way, you engage the maximum number of people and cultivate loyalty through your investment in Maltese.’s Maltese translation team can help companies moving into Malta as well as Maltese companies that need professional English translations to break into the global market.

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We’re Experts in the Maltese Language

Even though Malta is a European island, its roughly 500,000 inhabitants speak a Semitic language related to Arabic, Hebrew, and Amharic. Maltese’s grammar and most basic vocabulary tend to come from Arabic, but a large portion of more conceptual vocabulary comes from Romance languages such as Italian and French and a smaller portion from English. In this sense, Maltese is a true hybrid language.

Because of the varying origins of its vocabulary, Maltese grammar can get tricky. The formation of plurals depends on a word’s origin, although there is also a general plural suffix that may apply to any type of word. In some cases, multiple plural forms are acceptable. Semitic adjectives take a definite marker, but Romance adjectives don’t. In terms of verbs, Maltese uses the root consonant system characteristic of Semitic languages, where affixes are added to give grammatical meaning to a base concept.

A marriage between Semitic and Romance languages, Maltese is certainly unique—and complicated. So, if you want reliable and accurate Maltese translations, you’ll have to hire bona fide experts, like the ones on our Maltese translation team.

Maltese Translation Services for Everyone

There are no limitations on our Maltese translation services: no matter who you are or where you’re located, you can take advantage of our Maltese translation prowess. See below for a small list of the clients we can serve:

  • Tourism agencies and hotels. Malta is continuously growing as an exciting tourist destination for Europeans and others around the world. The warm Mediterranean Sea, coupled with UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, draws in visitors annually—but English is necessary to communicate with them. Our Maltese translators can help the tourism sector in Malta develop the English-language documents it needs to communicate smoothly with foreign guests.
  • Companies and businesspeople. Malta’s economy is strong, and it only continues to grow. Businesses would be wise to cash in on the Maltese market, but the best way to conduct business in the country is in Maltese. Our Maltese translators are passionate about translating business collateral like contracts and promotional materials to help businesses succeed—whether it’s foreign companies in Malta or Maltese companies branching outward with translations into English.
  • Web administrators and digital content developers. Though Malta is a highly developed country, not much digital content can be found in the language. From websites to software programs to games and apps, our Maltese translators can produce high-quality Maltese translations to tap into this market—and you, as a developer, can stand out and earn respect and loyalty from the Maltese people.

Our Maltese translation services are available to businesspeople in Valletta, hotels in Qormi, and content developers in Żabbar. We work around the clock to produce high-quality Maltese translations that meet your unique needs, and we’re always careful to finish them by your specified deadline. Quality is our promise, and we work hard to achieve it.

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