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Navajo is the most widely spoken indigenous language in the United States, with many inhabitants of the Navajo Nation speaking it. Nonetheless, most translation agencies overlook this important indigenous language, preferring to work with larger languages like French, Japanese, or Spanish. At, we understand all languages are important and deserve high-quality translation services. That’s why we’re proud to offer Navajo translation services.

Though many Navajo speakers also speak English, there remains a portion that speaks little or no English, and the Navajo people prefer to use their own language as much as possible. With the Navajo language tied so tightly to Navajo culture and identity, myriad efforts to revitalize the language are underway, and the Navajo people deeply appreciate the efforts of outside companies, artists, and others to translate content into their language. So, don’t overlook Navajo. Navajo translation services allow you to stand out, gain a loyal following, and contribute to the revitalization of a proud indigenous culture all at the same time.

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Trust Professional Navajo Translators for High-Quality Navajo Translations

Also known by its autonym Diné Bizaad, Navajo is an Athabaskan language famous for its grammatical complexity. In fact, in World War II, Navajo was used as a code language due to its complicated structure and mutual unintelligibility with other Athabaskan languages.

Navajo structure is largely based on verbs, and the language appends numerous prefixes to verbs to express grammatical information such as the subject, object, theme, aspect, and more. Navajo focuses much more on aspect than tense, with a range of aspects and subaspects to describe whether an action is continuous, repetitive, attempted, and more. An animacy vs. inanimacy distinction is also important, dictating word order to some degree and resulting in two third-person verb markers to indicate which noun is the subject. This beautifully complex language is a treasured artifact of the Navajo people, and it takes a true expert to translate it professionally. You can rely on our Navajo translators for top-quality Navajo translation.

Let Us Show You What We Can Translate to or from Navajo

  • Literary works. Although the storytelling tradition in Navajo culture has historically been oral, written Navajo has increasingly gained prominence since the 1950s. Our literary translators can smoothly translate Navajo stories into English to share the culture with the rest of the world. We’ve also translated literature into Navajo, allowing Navajo speakers to consume more art in their own language.
  • Historical documents. With the prominence of Navajo culture, various historical documents exist, some in now-defunct writing systems. Many have yet to be translated, and that’s where our Navajo translators come in—we can expertly translate Navajo-language historical documents for researchers, historians, and more.
  • Digital content. Even though Navajo is the biggest indigenous language in the US, finding digital content in the language is extremely challenging. Our Navajo translators work hard to craft high-quality translations for websites, blogs, games, apps, programs, and more, allowing you to easily stand out and enabling Navajo speakers to access native-language materials online.
  • Surveys and questionnaires. Looking to conduct research on the Navajo population? Whether your survey is academic, governmental, or commercial in nature, our translators can ensure clear, easy-to-understand Navajo surveys for your research.

From Tségháhoodzání (Window Rock, Arizona) to Naatʼáanii Nééz (Shiprock, New Mexico), our Navajo translators are happy to serve anyone in the Navajo Nation and beyond. Quality is our number one concern, so whether you’re in business, academia, the arts, or anywhere else, our translators will make sure your Navajo translation suits your needs. You don’t have to worry about deadlines, either—even if your deadline is urgent, we have several turnaround options to choose from.

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