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Yiddish is a particularly unique language among the more than 7,000 in the world. It developed throughout the Middle Ages in Central Europe as a language for the Ashkenazi Jewish people and thus is more connected to a diasporic ethnic group than a single geographical location. Given the diasporic nature of Yiddish, it’s difficult to determine the number of speakers, but use of the language is growing in Hasidic Jewish communities around the world.

Several European countries also list Yiddish as a recognized minority language, including Ukraine, Romania, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and a sizeable community of Yiddish speakers reside in New York. Here at, we also recognize Yiddish’s value as a minority language and are dedicated to providing top-quality translation services to serve this community. Our Yiddish translators are available 24/7 to help you translate into and out of Yiddish for any type of document.

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Our Translators Embrace the Challenges of Translating Yiddish

Yiddish is a unique language on the world stage—while technically considered Indo-European, Yiddish is more like the child of medieval High German and Hebrew. In essence, it uses an overarching German structure, German grammar, and German vocabulary with strong influences from Hebrew. When spoken, it is somewhat mutually intelligible with German. But when it comes to written Yiddish, German speakers are usually lost, since Yiddish is generally written in the Hebrew script.

Like German, Yiddish features three genders, but only three cases as opposed to German’s four. Yiddish lacks German’s genitive case, instead marking possession with a suffixed -s, similar to English, or with the preposition fun (of). Yiddish marks case not through nominal inflection but through definite articles and adjectives, like German. Adjectives decline for gender, case, and number only when they precede the noun they modify—predicative adjectives remain uninflected. Yiddish also shares German’s unique verbal features, such as separable verbs and a circumfixed inflection of the past participle. Clearly, Yiddish is a grammatically complex language that requires trained translators for the best results—and that’s what our Yiddish translators can deliver, every time.

Professional Yiddish Translation Services for All Kinds of Needs

  • Website translation. The Yiddish-speaking diaspora may be spread out around the world, but they can all connect via the Internet. The problem is the scarcity of Yiddish-language content online. Our Yiddish translators are here to help businesspeople, creatives, governments, and others reach Yiddish speakers by translating their retail website, informative blog, government web page, travel website, and more into Yiddish.
  • Literary translation. With a history of written Yiddish stretching back to the 13th century, there exists a wealth of literature in Yiddish. From songs and poems to short stories, untranslated Yiddish works abound, and our Yiddish translators believe these works should be shared with the wider world. If you have Yiddish-language literature—historical or contemporary—you’d like to translate, look to our Yiddish translation team. We can also translate English-language works into Yiddish, enriching the Yiddish literary scene and helping creators reach new audiences.
  • Localization. Want to make your mobile app, software program, or video game truly stand out? Our Yiddish translators can localize any sort of digital content into Yiddish, helping you reach a new audience and tap into an underserved niche. Passionate Yiddish speakers will reward you with their loyalty.

We’re proud to serve the Yiddish-speaking community in Tel Aviv, New York, Stockholm, or anywhere else in the world. Luckily for the Jewish diaspora, our services are available 24/7, and we let you set the deadline to ensure you always get your Yiddish translation back on time. Let our translators know the specifics of your goals so we can help you craft the most suitable Yiddish translation for your needs.

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