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With more than 50 million speakers, Yoruba is a major world language. It’s used predominantly in southwestern Nigeria, with smaller communities found in Côte d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia. It’s an important language in West Africa, boasting centuries of rich history in the region. Here at, we recognize Yoruba’s importance and offer high-quality Yoruba translation services to anyone who needs them.

Nigeria boasts Africa’s largest economy and is a prime destination for businesses looking to set up operations in Africa. It is also one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world, with more than 500 languages spoken within its borders. Yoruba is a key one, so translating your content into Yoruba is a must if you’re expanding into southwestern Nigeria. While most Nigerians do also speak English, a business will go further if it speaks to people in the language of their heart.

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Why You Need to Rely on Professionals for Yoruba Translation

Yoruba is nothing like English. It’s part of the Volta-Niger branch of the Niger-Congo language family, similar to the neighboring Igbo and Edo. Yoruba is an isolating language, similar to Chinese and Vietnamese and not Bantu languages, also in the Niger-Congo family, such as Swahili. That means it uses particles and auxiliaries, not inflection, to express grammatical relations in sentences.

The basic word order of Yoruba is subject-verb-object, like in English, but the base form of a verb refers to a completed action. Tense and aspect, as well as negation, are marked by particles positioned before the verb. Yoruba does not feature grammatical gender or noun classes—unlike the extensive noun class system of Bantu languages—and only distinguishes between humans and non-humans in the interrogative particle. Possessive phrases are generally constructed simply by juxtaposing the possessor after the possessed, with no other grammatical marking.

Historically, Yoruba was written in a modified version of the Arabic script. Today, Yoruba is usually written in the Latin alphabet, with a range of diacritics to indicate tone. Benin also has its own Latin alphabet orthography for Yoruba, however, and our Yoruba translators are familiar with that, too. So, whichever orthography your Yoruba translation project requires, we can help you.

Translating Just About Anything to or from Yoruba

  • Digital materials. Yoruba may be a major language in Nigeria, but Yoruba speakers usually have to browse the web in English due to the lack of Yoruba-language websites, blogs, apps, programs, and games. Thanks to our Yoruba translators, you can cater to a large population in West Africa with minimal competition by tapping into the Yoruba-language niche for your digital content.
  • Literature. The Yoruba-speaking world boasts authors like Wole Soyinka, Tade Ipadeola, and many more throughout its rich literary history. From novels and short stories to plays and poetry, the Yoruba know how to tell a story—but many of these stories have not been shared with the rest of the world. Any Yoruba-language author looking to break the language barrier and conquer the international market can contact our literary Yoruba translators.
  • Corporate content. If you want to break into the African market, Nigeria is the place to go. Southwestern Nigeria is a particularly developed region of Nigeria and a lucrative place to set up shop—but to engage with the locals, you’ll need high-quality Yoruba translation services. Our business Yoruba translators can translate everything from business plans and employment contracts to advertisements and website copy to help you thrive in southwestern Nigeria.

From Lagos to Ilorin to Akure to Ibadan, our Yoruba translators are passionate about serving the Yoruba people and anyone who wants to engage with them. We proudly work with people and businesses from all walks of life, helping them break down the language barrier and communicate their message to a new audience. We work carefully and meticulously, managing our time to always deliver your Yoruba translation by your deadline.

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