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Catalan is a Romance language with close ties to Occitan. It also shares similar traits to French, Portuguese, Spanish, and other Romance languages. It enjoys status as an official language in the Spanish province of Catalonia, the autonomous community of Valencia, and the Balearic Islands, as well as the small mountainous country of Andorra.

Companies and individuals targeting a Catalan-speaking audience often question whether purchasing Catalan translation services is worth it—after all, most Catalan speakers are bilingual, also exhibiting a high mastery of Spanish. However, Catalan speakers are a proud people, and their proficiency in Spanish is born of necessity, not desire. To truly earn the respect of Catalan speakers, high-quality Catalan translation services are a must. That’s where the Catalan translation experts at come in.

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Catalan Translation Services Like No Other

Though Catalan exhibits a number of similarities to Spanish and the two languages are, to some extent, mutually intelligible in writing, Catalan is a distinct language with notable differences. Spanish speakers generally cannot understand spoken Catalan, which features certain sounds not present in Spanish. Catalan also forms the past tense differently from Spanish—it uses the present tense of the verb “to go” with the infinitive of the main verb. In Spanish, this would indicate the future tense. So, making a distinction between these languages is important.

With more than 9 million speakers, Catalan is hardly a small language, even if the Spanish rule of much of the Catalan-speaking region overshadows the proud Romance language. Unfortunately, this leads both those seeking translation services and those offering them to overlook Catalan. At, we’re different—we understand the pride Catalan speakers have in their language, and we work hard to provide top-quality Catalan translation services—both to and from Catalan—to serve this sizeable minority.

What Can We Translate to or from Catalan for You?

  • Business materials. Our translation team stands ready to assist both Catalan companies looking to expand abroad and foreign businesses that would like to cash in on the rich region of Catalonia and beyond. From manuals and contracts to websites and promotional materials, trust our Catalan translation experts for your business translation needs.
  • Academic papers. We have a number of academic translation specialists on our translation team who delight in translating academic papers to or from Catalan. We’re passionate about helping scholars from the Open University of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona share their findings with the international academic community, as well as assisting foreign academics and researchers with their work in the Catalan-speaking area.
  • Digital content. Whether it’s a website, an application, or a game, our translation team is here to help you translate all your digital content to or from Catalan. As the internet grows increasingly important for day-to-day communication, it becomes more and more crucial to engage your audience online—whether they speak Catalan or English.
  • Literature. Catalan speakers like to read and write in Catalan, which means if you’re bringing your literary works to Catalonia, professional Catalan translation is essential. Similarly, if you want to share your Catalan-language story with a foreign audience, you’ll need translation experts to render it into English. For novels, short stories, essays, plays, and more, we’re here to help.

From Barcelona to Valencia, to Tarragona, to Andorra la Vella, Catalan speakers span a wide area—and we’re here to serve every one of them. We’re also here to help anyone who wants to engage this audience. Our promise is high-quality Catalan translation services tailored to your specific needs and delivered by your specified turnaround time.

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