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Though it’s easy to think that French is the only language indigenous to France, that’s simply not true. Speaker communities of Basque, Breton, Corsican, Occitan, and more thrive in France, and they are often overlooked by translation agencies. Here at ProofreadingServices.com, we’re different—we give minority languages like Occitan the recognition and legitimacy they deserve. That’s why we’re proud to offer Occitan translation services.

Occitan is spoken by around 600,000 people in southern France, bearing a strong resemblance to the Catalan language in northeastern Spain and Andorra. Occitan speakers are proud of their language, which is why it’s important to translate content that caters to this audience into Occitan. Though most Occitan speakers also speak French, businesses or authors that translate into Occitan will earn far more respect and loyalty among this audience. Our Occitan translators are here to help you do just that.

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Occitan Translation Services with a Quality Guarantee

A West Romance language, Occitan is related to French but more closely to Catalan. While mostly spoken in France, scattered communities can also be found in northern Italy. Though Occitan grammar is similar to that of French, Catalan, Spanish, and other Romance languages, a key factor complicating Occitan is its lack of a unified writing system, with debates on whether a writing system should encompass all dialects or be individually designed for each dialect.

With no one official standardized orthography, translating to or from Occitan can be a difficult task. Occitan translation is, naturally, further complicated by the general lack of translation companies even offering Occitan translation services. But if you’re looking for high-quality, flexible Occitan translation services, you’re in luck—our Occitan translation team boasts years of experience and is passionate about translating to and from Occitan.

What Sort of Documents Do We Translate to or from Occitan?

  • Literature. Occitania’s historical importance has led to a wide range of stories, poetry, songs, and other literature in Occitan, many of which have not been translated into English. Whether you’d like to spread historical or modern Occitan literature, our translators are here to help. We’re also happy to translate literature into Occitan to broaden the range of Occitan-language materials and enable Occitan speakers to enjoy stories in their heritage language.
  • Historical documents. Historical documents in Occitan exist in abundance, yet many remain untranslated, or only translated into French or Spanish. Our Occitan translation team has the experience necessary to translate historical documents, regardless of when they were created, to help researchers, historians, government agencies, and more.
  • Business materials. Translating business content into Occitan can show this minority community in southern France that your company values their identity. Occitan speakers will be more likely to offer their loyalty to businesses that translate their advertisements, product descriptions, press releases, and more into Occitan, allowing your business to stand out.
  • Digital content. Though Occitan speakers regularly use the Internet, they usually have to resort to accessing websites and programs in French, Spanish, or Italian, given the lack of Occitan-language web content. That means translating your blog, e-commerce site, app, or game into Occitan is a great opportunity to stand out and attract proud Occitan speakers.

From Monaco to Limousin to Béarn, we welcome those who require high-quality Occitan translation services regardless of their location. You can be a businessperson, an author, a researcher, or anyone else—no matter what, our Occitan translators will work hard to translate your content faithfully. With competitive rates, specially tailored translation services, and a number of turnaround options, our Occitan translation services are second to none.

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