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Though most people may not be aware, the United States and Canada are brimming with indigenous languages that are still spoken by minority language communities, such as Navajo, Ojibwe, Mi’kmaq, and Cree. Translation agencies usually prefer to translate into major, highly documented languages like French, German, and Chinese, contributing to the pressure exerted on smaller language communities. Here at, we’re different. In addition to translation services for larger languages, we also work with minority languages, and we’re passionate about providing translation services for minority language communities like Cree.

So, whether you’re a business, an academic, a government agency, or anyone else, if you require professional Cree translation services, reach out to us. We’re experts in Cree translation, and we’re passionate about our job.

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Cree is an Algonquin language related to Mi’kmaq, Blackfoot, and particularly Ojibwe. Its 117,000 speakers are spread out primarily across the central regions of Canada, spanning from Alberta to Quebec, although some speaker communities can also be found in Montana. Cree speakers are proud of their language and concerned about the effects of language shift, which means Cree translation services are imperative for anyone wishing to truly connect with this audience.

As a polysynthetic language, Cree is a difficult language for most native English speakers to wrap their heads around. Cree can express entire sentences through single words by attaching a number of roots, prefixes, and suffixes together, and the language uses free word order, which means the position of words can alter the overall nuance of a sentence. Cree pronouns also differ from conventional European-language standards, as Cree has two different words for “we,” depending on whether or not the listener is included, as well as a fourth-person pronoun.

All this means Cree translation is no easy job. Whether it’s translating to Cree or from Cree, only a seasoned professional is up to the task—and that’s precisely what our translation experts are.

We Translate Any Number of Documents between Cree and English

  • Literature. Cree has traditionally been mostly a spoken language, and its stories have been passed down through the generations orally, but Cree also has a sizeable repertoire of written works, and we’re here to translate them. Simultaneously, translating literary works into Cree can be a great way to help revitalize the language. We can help you reach this audience of eager readers.
  • Historical documents. For the many academics, researchers, and government agencies interested in understanding historical Cree documents, our team is here to serve all your Cree translation needs.
  • Websites and digital content. Cree speakers on the internet generally need to rely on English due to the lack of Cree-language material available. With a website, app, or game in Cree, you can really stand out and earn the respect of Cree speakers. At the same time, we can help you translate your digital content from Cree to English to reach a massive global audience.
  • Signage. Cree speakers appreciate efforts to translate signs and placards into their language, and our Cree translation experts are passionate about expanding the everyday use of the language in communities with ethnic Cree populations.

​From Fort Smith to Hay River to anywhere else in the world, you can rely on’s Cree translation team to craft expert translations to and from this important indigenous language. Our standards of quality are high, and our dedication to client-specified deadlines is strong. If you’re looking for the best in Cree translation services, we’re here for you.

For questions, a free quote, or to start the Cree translation process, simply shoot us a message.

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