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Indigenous African languages can be easy for translation agencies to overlook. After all, they’re not as prominent on the global stage as European languages. With many African nations using English, French, Arabic, or Portuguese as a lingua franca, many people may not understand the level of linguistic diversity in Africa—but in fact, indigenous African languages are alive and well, used by much of the African population. One example is Sesotho, spoken by more than 13 million people in Lesotho, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

With Africa’s national borders having been carelessly drawn by European colonial powers with no regard for the diverse ethnic groups of the continent, Lesotho is one of Africa’s few countries where the majority shares the same language and culture. More than 99% of Lesotho speaks Sesotho, and in South Africa’s more diverse Free State, more than 64% speak Sesotho. While many Sesotho speakers also know English, truly connecting with this audience necessitates professional Sesotho translation services—and that’s where’s Sesotho translation team comes in.

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Sesotho Translation Experts on Standby for You

If you think Sesotho is a simple language, think again. It belongs to Africa’s prominent Bantu language family, like Swahili, making it an agglutinative language with a plethora of noun classes. Noun classes are analogous to grammatical gender, but Sesotho features a whopping 18 noun classes, each defining its own “noun concords” that mark pronouns, adjectives, relative clause markers, and more to agree with the noun.

Sesotho verbs are no walk in the park, either. Sesotho features a large number of suffixes that can alter a verb’s meaning, describing the completeness, intensity, length, reversal, reciprocity, repetitiveness, and more, enabling the expression of significant degrees of nuance. Additionally, Sesotho verbs mark the person and object as prefixes, though these are written as separate words from the verb. Verbs are then marked for five tenses, including “immediate past” and “immediate future,” as well as four moods. So, is Sesotho easy? Not at all! But for our Sesotho translators, who have been working in Sesotho translation for years, these challenges pose no difficulties. For reliable, accurate Sesotho translation, you can trust our Sesotho translators.

What Would You Like Translated to or from Sesotho?

With a highly diverse translation team, we can offer translation services for a wide range of documents:

  • Business content. If you want to market your content to the Sesotho-speaking population of Lesotho and South Africa, you’ll have to invest in high-quality Sesotho translation services. Similarly, if you’re a Sesotho-speaking business that wants to open up to the world, you’ll need your material in English. For everything from product labels to press releases, our Sesotho translators can help.
  • Creative works. Thomas Mofolo isn’t the only literary genius the Sesotho-speaking world has to offer. If you’re a Sesotho-speaking content creator, our Sesotho translators can help you spread your content worldwide, gaining more fans. We’re also capable of helping international creatives spread their work to Lesotho and South Africa with quality Sesotho translations. Either way, we create translations that match the original.
  • Digital materials. Lesotho’s Internet penetration rate is rapidly growing, but the Internet isn’t ready—hardly any Sesotho-language digital materials exist for this growing audience. Our translators are here to help change this, and whether you run an e-commerce website, blog, game, program, or app, you can stand out by translating your content into Sesotho.

At, breaking down language barriers is our passion. We’re proud to deliver high-quality Sesotho translations—whether into Sesotho or out of it—to aid our clients with their communication goals. We work with businesses, authors, researchers, and others from Bloemfontein, Mafeteng, Johannesburg, Welkom, and beyond, tailoring our services to fit their unique needs. If translation quality is what you’re looking for, look to us.

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